Thursday, April 2, 2009

Left To Burn

One vain rabbit with a once nice two story little house, now all burnt out. This one's got a provocative little pose going and a contented grin on its face, unaware of the problems it holding on its back. By the way, if you want a closer look at any of these, just click the picture.
Side view
and a close up of the house

Foolish Bird (the cynic)

and here is the second one. I wanted him to look older and grumpier. He resigned himself long ago and has really crumbled under the weight of his tower. You can't see the back view, but his ribs and spine slowly become the beams and siding of the tower. I wanted the line of distinction between animal and structure on this figure to be especially obscured, to convey the length of their symbiosis.

Foolish Bird (defeated)

This is the finished first bird: Foolish Bird (defeated). He has a dopey kind of look on his face and some nice big fat rolls from his lack of movement. He's a lazy and sad character, content to sit and dumbly ponder his fate.